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These special offers change on a regular basis. Please visit often for our great special offers.  Free plants and discount on products.

Special Offer:-

Free plant when you spend £30+ on plants our choice. 

Want to give a plant as a present we send a free Hosta postcard in the parcel with your words.  ie Happy Birthday John Smith love from Julie
Just email us with your chosen words.

Agapanthus Bristol

deciduous slightly arching dark green strap-like leaves. Dark violet-blue flowers. Grows up to 90cm
£ 7.50
Our Price: £7.80
Agapanthus Phantom rare plant

Agapanthus Phantom, evergreen. With lush green strap-like leaves. Rare Agapanthus not often seen for sale. White flushed with pale violet-blue flowers. Grows up to 90-110cm tall
£ 8.19
Our Price: £8.80
Agapanthus Torbay

deciduous clump forming perennial. In late summer has rounded umbels of sky blue flowers on upright stems above broad dark green leaves. Height 60-75cm.
£ 7.00
Our Price: £7.80
Crocosmia Norwich Canary

medium sized canary yellow flowers from late summer. Height 60cm
£ 8.00
Our Price: £6.00
H J Hall Softop Botany Wool Mens Socks Navy

60% Wool, 40% Polyamide These are the original non elastic sock.
£ 4.49
Our Price: £4.48
H J Hall Softop Original Cotton Mens Socks Navy

65% Cotton, 35% Polyamide These are the original non elastic sock.
£ 3.99
Our Price: £3.98
Hosta Chariots of Fire

pale green centred leaves with a narrow creamy-yellow to white margin. Purple flowers on deep red petioles. Medium
£ 10.50
Our Price: £10.40
Hosta Halcyon

Blue textured leaves are flat with prominent veins and heavy substance, lilac flowers. Prefers damp soil conditions and partial shade. Medium
£ 5.99
Our Price: £5.95
Hosta Kiwi Black Magic

black-green leaves have extremely good substance Large
£ 8.00
Our Price: £7.90
Hosta Nutty Professor

dark green slightly shiny leaves set off by a white slightly rippled margin. Pale lavender flowers. Medium
£ 23.00
Our Price: £22.80
Hosta Secret Love

blue green heart shaped leaves surrounded by a yellow border Small to medium
£ 11.50
Our Price: £11.30
Rhodohypoxis 'Alba'

perennial with tuber like root stock and an erect, basal, tuft of narrowly lance shaped hairy leaves. Bears a succession of erect, white flowers
£ 5.00
Our Price: £6.80