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These special offers change on a regular basis. Please visit often for our great special offers.  Free plants and discount on products.

Special Offer:-

Free plant when you spend £30+ on plants our choice. 

Want to give a plant as a present we send a free Hosta postcard in the parcel with your words.  ie Happy Birthday John Smith love from Julie
Just email us with your chosen words.

Agapanthus African Skies

new evergreen Agapanthus with lush green strap-like leaves. Dark blue flowers, grows to 120cm tall
£ 8.00
Our Price: £7.80
Agapanthus Bridal Bouquet

new evergreen Agapanthus with large white flowerheads from June into August. 60cm tall
£ 8.00
Our Price: £7.90
Agapanthus Jolanda

deciduous with upright to slightly arching green strap-like leaves. Flowers are violet-blue with purple blush at apex and margin slightly darker, midrib dark violet-blue, outside violet-blue with a darker coloured midrib. Good late flowering variety. Grows to 100cm
£ 7.50
Our Price: £7.80
Agapanthus Silver Lining

new Agapanthus cross between Agapanthus praecox and Agapanthus inapertus with off white flowers
£ 7.50
Our Price: £7.45
Crocosmia George Davison (Golden Glory)

golden amber yellow freesia like flowers flared out along mid-green stems, rise on long stems over grass like green leaves. Grows to 60cm high
£ 8.00
Our Price: £4.90
H J Hall Softop Original Cotton Mens Socks Black

65% Cotton, 35% Polyamide These are the original non elastic sock.
£ 3.99
Our Price: £3.98
H J Hall Softop Original Wool Ladies Socks Navy

60% Wool, 40% Polyamide These are the original non elastic sock.
£ 4.99
Our Price: £4.97
Hosta Abiqua Elephant Ears

a hybrid of a Hosta sieboldiana seedling with very large blue-green leaves and pale lavender flowers. Very large
£ 14.00
Our Price: £13.90
Hosta Fragrant Bouquet

light green leaves with a cream edge, scented white flowers. Medium
£ 8.50
Our Price: £8.40
Hosta Holy Mouse Ears

new sport of Hosta 'Royal Mouse Ears' with bluish-green margins and yellow to creamy-white centre of the leaves, thick substance. Purple flowers
£ 10.00
Our Price: £9.90
Hosta Lemon Frost

bright gold feathery foliage with a clean white margin and purple flowers in June, reblooms. Mini to small
£ 7.25
Our Price: £7.20
Hosta Red October

green leaves with a unique bluish tint and have a matt finish with red extending up the petioles and into the leaf blade Small
£ 10.00
Our Price: £9.90